Long Table Dinner- On The Farm With: Karen Curtis

We are happy to announce that Chef  Karen Curtis of Kic’s Gourmet Products will be joining our Long Table Dinner once again! To get to know her personal tastes and creations a bit more she has kindly answered some questions for us.

What is your favourite thing to cook right now?

I’m trying more vegetarian dishes right now, looking for ways to incorporate new veggies into my food. I just put some shaved fennel into a coleslaw and served it with an orange dressing that a chef friend of mine made. So good! I also just made stuffed tomatoes on the BBQ. They were stuffed with a mixture of Central Park ground pork, veggies and Golden Ears Cheesecrafters cheese. We really enjoyed those.

What is the first dish you cooked?

Karen Curtis (right) at the 2017 Long Table Dinner

I don’t remember but I do know that by the time I hit grade eight foods class, I was cooking full meals and they were trying to teach me how to broil a grapefruit half covered with brown sugar!

What is your favourite vegetable from the market this week?

I’m all over zucchini right now. Spiralized and served with a rose sauce, sliced into ribbons and sauted with garlic and basil or served with a fresh tomato sauce, stuffed with lentils and cheese, baked into muffins or loaves.

Best tip for home cooks?

Don’t be afraid to try something new. You learn even from your mistakes!

Tell us something about your long table dinner dish.

Gluten free, Coconut Thumbprint cookies filled with lemon curd and fresh raspberries.

Buffalo-Gentai Named As Long Table Dinner Gold Sponsor

(Courtesy of Buffalo-Gentai Development Ltd)

We are so fortunate that Buffalo-Gentai Development Ltd has given generously to the Coquitlam Farmers Market Society’s 2018 Long Table Dinner- On The Farm.

“We are honoured to be a sponsor of the Coquitlam Farmers Market Society’s Long Table Dinner. Serving the community has always been our mission, so we are very glad to support local produce and economy.”

(Courtesy of Buffalo-Gentai Development Ltd)

Buffalo Investment Canada Ltd is a Vancouver based real estate developer with over 20 years of proven success focusing on premium developments on a global stage. Led by real-estate guru Mr. William Wang, Buffalo is dedicated to building quality developments, in superior market locations, with long-term investment value.

Based in Greater Vancouver and licensed by the Financial Institutions Commission (FICOM), Gentai Capital Corporation is a lending specialized asset manager in the business of originating, funding and servicing mortgage investments.

Thank you, from everyone at the Coquitlam Farmers Market Society, to Buffalo-Gentai Development Ltd for their considerable support of this event. As a Gold Sponsor, they have helped us create a night of quality food, great company and amazing entertainment.