Sunday October 22

We only have two markets left in Coquitlam, so be sure to come see us before we wrap up until next year!

We have lots of great food options for you this Sunday. Treat yourself to breakfast or lunch from Hunger Management, Island Time, or Kampong-Taste of Malaysia. And chilly October Sundays definitely call for a hot coffee from Biscotti Joe.

Kids! We are super excited for Halloween! Visit our craft table to make a masking tape mummy!

Our musician this weekend is Todd Brown. Todd is a great addition to the market with his smiling personality and popular play list.

Also this Sunday, we are celebrating our Volunteers! Our market could not run without the help of our wonderful volunteers who give so generously of their time. If you see someone wearing a ‘Volunteer’ button at the market, be sure to tell them ‘Thank You’ for making our market possible!

Vendor List for October 22

Getting to Know: Culinary Blossom

I am passionate about food, flowers and all things local.

A surprise to many, Joanne Frances-Wilkinson’s company blossomed from her family’s love for fresh and local foods.

My grandparents were farmers but the love of flowers came from my mom whose garden was always a showstopper. Using edible flowers and herbs in teas and preserves comes from my personal belief that food heals the body and soul.

Much of Joanne’s inspiration for many of Culinary Blossom’s products come from the beautiful West Coast seasons, favourable growing conditions and local food that is available.

Growing is weather dependant so it’s all about combining the best of what nature has to offer for the coming year. Deciding which combinations will be the tastiest for the upcoming season is part of the exciting creation process. That’s why there’s always something new on the horizon at Culinary Blossom!

Joanne first begins by planting in both the winter and following spring growing seasons. Once the flowers and herbs are in bloom she takes a stroll through her gardens, tasting flowers and herbs along the way.

Our seasonally inspired preserves and teas are small-batch handcrafted in Langley using our garden fresh flowers and herbs. Combining them with local fruits, berries and veggies is how we create our deliciously unique products. We use no preservatives or additives, offering only pure good food that is purely good for you. Simply put, we believe it’s the way nature intended.

Joanne then takes these edible flowers and herbs, and infuses them into her preserves and teas.

It is a passion and privilege to share nature’s goodness with others. Knowing where our food comes from is so important to our health and wellbeing.

Joanne loves the opportunity to connect with the community at farmers markets. She says local, seasonal food is a constant source of inspiration.

Local food is fresh with superior quality and flavour. Buying local keeps the local economy solid and reduces your carbon footprint. We invite you to taste the difference local and homegrown makes!