Sunday August 6

What a fantastic time of year for fresh BC produce! Each week brings new items to market, and there are so many delicious and fresh options to choose from. Come visit us this long weekend!

This Sunday, we dedicate a portion of our market to the vendors of tomorrow! Stop by the Kids Market section to browse the creations of local young entrepreneurs!

It’s time to play with your food at the Kids Craft Table! Join us to paint with veggie stamps and see what kind of masterpiece you can create!

Our musician this weekend if Jeff Neufeld.  Jeff has been a popular performer at our market for many years, and his music is the perfect backdrop to a Sunday morning stroll through the market.

Vendor List for Sunday, August 6

Getting to Know: Never Say Die

…Most importantly, the markets allow us to serve the community with our fresh produce.

For over 15 years, Never Say Die has been participating in farmers markets selling their locally grown, no spray vegetables. Never Say Die’s early roots with farmers markets, began with selling exclusively garlic says Owner Le Faan.

We knew we had the best garlic around so instead of just selling it
on the farm we took it to the markets for the community to give a try. Everyone loved it! After years of growing garlic we are now able to grow over 30,000 garlic bulbs annually.

Two years later, Laan began selling a variety of vegetables. She says the markets have become their primary outlet for selling produce!

Participating at the farmers markets allows us to meet new people
and increase our clientele but most importantly, the markets allow us to serve the community with our fresh produce.

With greater consumer awareness, Laan says Never Say Die’s goal is to provide consumers with quality no spray produce that is grown locally.

We know many people are tired of buying produce at grocery stores that are sprayed with many chemicals like pesticides. Not only that, many consumers have no idea where the produce is coming from. That’s where we come in.

You can currently find Never Say Die at three different markets weekly. Laan loves where her company is at the moment and will continue to supply the community with fresh produce for many years to come.

We believe that consumers deserve the right to know where their purchased produce is coming from. We are committed to building the community by participating in local farmers markets to attract and bring people together.