Vendor Spotlight: Satya Organic Skin Care


SPOTLIGHT FEATURE SALE: This Sunday at the Poirier Street Farmers Market Satya Organic Skin Care will be offering a special deal! Stop by their tent on Sunday and ask for the SPOTLIGHT DEAL: Buy one, get one 50% off

Q.  Where does the name Satya come from?

The name Satya was chosen by my to reflect what I wanted for my company and for my daughter. It’s found in a number of languages, philosophies and religions but ultimately, Satya means truth. That truth I am always striving to reflect in integrity, decision making and transparency of my product.

Q.  Where did the passion come from to create an alternative to steroid creams?

This product came from my own necessity. My daughter got eczema and only 8 months old and the only option that was given to me by my doctor was steroid creams. I researched into non-toxic anti-inflammatories and created my product in my kitchen. Now, after getting my Health Canada approvals and getting organically certified, I know I have a clean, effective product that I am proud of and that not only helped my own daughter, but many others as well.

 Q.  What is the most commonly asked question you receive at market and what is the response?

I think the first question is always, “Is there any fragrance added?” The answer is absolutely not. Fragrance can be an irritant to so many people, especially those with sensitive skin. That is also why I created this to be so simple and chemical free. People need to know exactly what is going on their skins, and consequently into their systems.

Q.  If you could share 1 thing with our customers, what would that be?

People who suffer with skin issues have often tried and so many products and have already spent A LOT of money trying to get some relief. I try to keep my products affordable for everyone and also have created the travel size for those who want to know how it would be with their specific skin. There is enough in the travel size to try it for a couple of weeks and then when you fall into love with it, buy a jar and refill the tin. That way you can always carry it with you.

Q.  Why do you think farmers markets are important in the community?

Farmers markets ARE community. It’s a chance to see familiar faces and say hello. It’s the place to get the best vegetables and the tastiest treats. It’s a place to discover people who are creating innovative products and making change, sometimes one person at a time. I LOVE my market!


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Vendor Spotlight: The Chef Nose

TheChefNose_SpotlightSPOTLIGHT FEATURE SALE: This Sunday at the Poirier Street Farmers Market The Chef Nose will be offering a special deal! Stop by their tent on Sunday and ask for the SPOTLIGHT DEAL: Salmon spice for $5 a bag (regular $8). 

Q. What is the story behind how The Chef Nose begun? 

Mark has been making the Original since he was a chef in Edmonton.  He developed what he then called simply “steak spice” to enhance the flavour of steaks and roasts.  It became a very popular gift for our friends and family at Christmas time but they would run out in a couple of months.  One of those friends encouraged him over the course of 10 years to sell the product.  One summer evening she brought over a bottle of wine and on our back deck….a business was born.

Q. All of your spice blends are amazing, but what do you think is the most popular?

The Original is by far the most popular and the most versatile.  We do however have people who have an absolute dedication to their blend.  One of our customers wants to bulk purchase Veggin Out.

Q. If you could give our shoppers one big tip on how to season meat for the BBQ – what would that be? 

If you are able to plan ahead, cover your meat with the Original and allow it to marinate overnight in the refrigerator.  Take the meat out of the fridge about one hour before you are going to cook it to allow the meat to relax.  Put the meat on a barbecue that is pre-heated.

Q. What is your most commonly asked question at a farmers market and what its he response? 

Who is that picture? or Is that you?  Our response is usually to defend Mark’s nose.  But the business is called The Chef Nose!

Q. Why do you think farmers markets are important in the community?

Farmer’s markets provide a community hub that many of our communities have lost.  They bring people together, even temporarily to have access to local products.  They provide a venue for farmers and small producers to bring their goods to market in an inexpensive way.


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Vendor Spotlight: 7 Kids Foods


SPOTLIGHT FEATURE SALE: This Sunday at the Poirier Street Farmers Market 7 Kids Foods will be offering a special deal! Stop by their tent on Sunday and ask for the SPOTLIGHT DEAL: 7 Kids, 7 Dollars – Get 7 Kids Foods signature Bisnonna’s pasta sauce for only $7

Q.  Welcome to the Poirier Street Farmers Market! How has your market experience been so far? 

When we started back in January at the Port Moody Winter Market, we were both blown away by the unique spirit that is fostered in our community through the markets.  Whether it’s been helping with a finicky tent or sharing information to help our small business grow, our fellow vendors have welcomed us from the start and that spirit had continued into the summer market at Poirier.  Catching up with returning families and meeting new people makes each week is such a pleasure for us.

Q. How did 7 Kids Foods begin? 

7 Kids Foods was really born out of necessity.  Both our families have several food allergies and we wanted to have quick and healthy meal options for them.  We couldn’t find anything that was easy, affordable, tasty and used high quality ingredients, and knew other families must share the same struggle.  That led us to making our own quick, freezer ready meal ideas, starting with our Bisnonna’s Marinara Sauce.

Q. If you could tell shoppers one thing about 7 Kids Foods, what would that be? 

We put a great deal of thought and care into every single ingredient we use and we weigh our choices carefully.  One thing we will absolutely never compromise is the quality of our ingredients- we need to feel good about what we feed our families and we want to share that.

Q. What do you think is next for 7 Kids Foods? 

Both  of us have a strong desire to help people, and we are most excited about exploring different ways we can use 7 Kids Foods to give back to our community!

Q. What do you think farmers markets are important in the community? 

Farmers Market’s bring people together.  There’s something to strolling through booths, listening to live music, meeting and talking to passionate artisans, farmers, fellow foodies.  It makes you slow down and think about the process of food or craft, and the creativity that went into preparing it.  Farmers markets provide opportunities for locals to showcase their talents and share them.


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Sundays are for Farmers Markets

Local Blogger Tairalyn from Little Miss Mama came out to market this month. Check out her beautiful images and what she says about the Poirier Street Farmers Market.little-miss-mamma IMG_0174 IMG_0177-e1435604525378 IMG_0178-e1435604515411 IMG_0180-e1435604508481 IMG_0182-e1435604498350 IMG_0183-e1435604490454 IMG_0187-e1435604481102 IMG_0190-e1435604472195 IMG_0199-e1435604463939


Walking in the open air, sun shining bright, among locals who are also shopping for the weeks allotment of fruits, vegetables, and baked goods (because we’re all about saving time and we know baking that lemon loaf is going to be tedious, take time and make a whole lotta mess); it’s no surprise I love our local Farmers Market. I along with the many others at the market on Sunday appreciate and never take for granted local farmers and artisans. #supportlocal #shoplocal #buylocal #eatlocal

This Sunday we did exactly that, we stocked up our veggie supply, with bonus additions of lemonade mix via KIC’S Lemonade, a lemon loaf from Mom and Me Pies, pretzel and cookie by Gesundheit Bakery, and all natural body soap and a stain stick (ummm yes people, I promise to report back on this one) via Mountain Naturals. Something I left behind and am still losing sleep over are these adorable little pillow cases dresses from Lochs & Lambs. Such a perfect outfit for the babes with this heat we’ve been having. I love the concept behind the simplicity of their designs that and the fact that they’re up-cycled just has me smitten.

I love farmers market for the simply factor that Sofia thinks we are out and about on an adventure while I get errands marked off the list. Much better than her having to sit in a buggy while I pull from aisles and aisles of boxed goods. A productive yet fun morning had by all, including the fun little additions of my bestie Lindsay and her pup Mr. Nosey.


IN CASE you’re local and looking for something to do this upcoming Sunday, or any Sunday for that matter until October 25th, check out the Coquitlam Farmers Market, from 9am to 1pm.


Vendor Spotlight: Gabi & Jules


SPOTLIGHT FEATURE SALE: This Sunday at the Poirier Street Farmers Market Gabi & Jules Homemade Pies & Baked Goodness will be offering a special deal! Stop by their tent on Sunday and ask for the SPOTLIGHT DEAL: Buy any pie on Sunday and get 3 FREE Coconut Macaroons.

Q. Where does the name Gabi & Jules come from? 

Gabi & Jules is named after our two daughters Juliana and Gabriela.  Our eldest daughter Juliana is autistic so we felt strongly that this company should have a community giving component. To that end we have partnered with the Autism Support Network, a tri-cites based charity that helps supports parents of autistic children.

Q. What makes your baked goods stand out from other bakeries? 

All our pies are handmade in Port Moody and we’ve endeavoured to ensure that the whole Gabi and Jules pie experience is memorable and brings back those warm fuzzy memories of enjoying pie when you were a kid! From the pie box to the reusable pie tin to using only quality, real ingredients, our pies are for serious pie lovers.  We want the fruit in the pies to “shine” and not be masked by unnecessary sugary sweetness. Finding that perfect amount of “sweetness” is the goal with all of our products from our jams to our bake-at-home scones mixes and our (delicious!) granola.

Q. If you had to pick just one – which pie is your absolute favourite? 

Picking my favourite pie is like picking my favourite child! So let’s instead say that my current favourite is Strawberry Ginger Peach. This pie is so fresh and delicious with whole slices of peaches and fresh ginger root that beautifully compliment the sweet strawberries. It’s a unique flavour that keeps people coming back for more!

Q. What is your best selling item? 

Traditional Apple Pie! There is something sentimental it seems about Apple Pie and definitely our most popular.

Q. Why do you think farmers markets are important in the community? 

Farmers markets are such a wonderful part of our community as they create the rare opportunity to meet and interact with the people who make, bake and grow the items you purchase. In our world of online shopping and big-box stores the chance to create personal connections are increasingly limited but farmers markets create a fantastic place to make those connections and appreciate where things come from. Knowing to the person and the story behind all of the unique items you can find at the market is an invaluable part of building a thriving local community and we’re so thrilled to be a part of the Coquitlam Market.


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