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aldergrove jams

Apple Pie, Carrot Cake, (apples, carrots, and pineapples), Pineapple Coconut Line, Salted Carmel Apple, Simply Strawberry, Beet Happy are just some of the enticing jam flavours created by Colleen Hooper of Aldergrove Jam, which is celebrating its first year anniversary in July.

This is a new project for Colleen, daughter-in-law Belinda and husband Dave. It all started when Belinda bemoaned the difficulties of finding jams that weren’t full of sugar. Mother-in-law Colleen pulled out all the jam-making paraphernalia, including her mother’s recipes, she had stored away when she had stopped making jam years ago and introduced the next generation to her homemade low (or no) sugar jams.  As with so many of our Farmer’s Market vendors, a friend of Belinda’s tasted the jam and asked to buy some….and the word got around

Aldergrove Jams are made with seasonal ingredients so the choices on offer vary from one season to the next. At the moment, there are 9, including those mentioned above plus 2 savoury options: Dave’s Onion Chutney and Simply Ginger.   Colleen started out following her mother’s recipes, but she soon started ‘fooling around’ with different combinations of ingredients, “because that’s what I do”. Husband Dave loves beets and so she ‘played around’ until she came up with Beet Happy.

Aldergrove Jams are low-sugar,non-GMO, preservative-free, vegan and gluten-free. Colleen sources the ingredients locally as much as possible, including from some of the other Coquitlam-Port Moody Market vendors.

Her jams taste great on toast but are also wonderful with yogurt, on oatmeal, with scones – try Beet Happy with cheese scones or Apple Pie Jam on crackers with cheddar cheese or some of Dave’s Onion Chutney with your next BBQ.

Aldergrove Jam will be at the Market on Sunday 21st and then again in August.

Article by: Anne Ladouceur


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