About Us: After travelling the West Coast and falling in love with all the cideries across the Pacific Northwest, West Coast Cider Co.’s owners David & Nena decided that this is what they were destined to do. West Coast Cider Co. was born out of our love for our home and for the laid back lifestyle we live and breathe every day. Handcrafted in Port Coquitlam, BC, we have worked long and hard to perfect the right recipe for each of our cider varieties. These ciders are now pouring across Metro Vancouver and are here for you to enjoy.

Where to Find Us: Check out our website for a full list of locations that offer our cider!

Products: Our Sunrise apple cider offers just the right mix of sweetness with a crisp taste to tantalize your taste buds. With floral accents and hints of citrus, Sunrise will get you ready for Spring in no time!

Contact Us: Visit our website if you have any questions or comments.