The Nest is filled with contemporary styles and eclectic variations. Natural stones…. onyx and obsidian, lava rock and quartz, agate and aventurine …..perfect crystals, pearls and silver… The Yin and the Yang, seemingly disjunct or opposing textures and shapes are interconnected and interdependent to create a harmonious piece of wearable art.

I have a passion for working with my hands and I specialize in Silver Spoon bracelets, pendants and rings….a great opportunity to recycle and find new appreciation and application for the design and beauty in a piece of history.

Design and visioning is all pure pleasure for me. Every creation gives me great joy and fulfillment, and extreme gratitude for the beautiful objects that I have to work with.

Products: Handmade jewelry

Contact Name: Clare Van Eck


Phone: 778-881-6104


From: Vancouver