About Us: Synergy of Nature Aromatherapy & Herbals products are all inspired by the pure goodness and wellness that nature’s herbs, plants and superfoods, have to offer us, transforming us from the inside out, body, mind and spirit, inspiring us along our path and journey to wellness and health. I handcraft, create and blend each product in small batches. All the herbs and botanicals are 100% certified organic, ethically wildharvested, non-GMO, sustainably grown supporting small farms from around the world, and I do not use any artificial flavorings or ingredients in my herbal tea blends, herbal coffee blends, just the pure goodness of nature, and flavor of the natural herbs. The love of herbal medicine and aromatherapy is the heart of Synergy of Nature Aromatherapy & Herbals. My simple mission and passion is to create healthy, unique, 100% pure organic herbal teas, herbal coffee, tonics, superfood blends, herbal apothecary, and skin and body care products. I have over 50 tea blends and I am continually creating new blends. My teas are organic pure and natural as Nature intended. All my tea blends, herbal coffee, tonics, salves, Skin and body care products are my own creations, reflecting my love and passion for herbal medicine and all that Nature has to offer in purity and wellness.

Products: : Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Teas, Organic Roasted Herbal Coffee-like blends using roasted dandelion root and roasted chicory root, Organic Superfoods, Greens, Fruits, Herbs, Mushrooms Powder blends for smoothies and juices, Organic Herbal Tonics, Elixirs, Bitters and Tinctures, Organic Herbal Apothecary, Natural Skin and Body Care products using aromatherapy and herbs: herbal salves and balms, body lotions, creams and butters, massage oils, bath products, lipbalms, facial skin and body care products: serums, creams, toners, cleansers.

Contact Us: liztallia@live.com or www.synergyofnature.ca