A European trained pastry chef & chocolatier, Thea (pronounced Tay-ah) has been creating dream cakes and delicious hand-made chocolates for over 15 years.

Throughout her career, Thea had always most enjoyed designing wedding cakes, creating edible art which will live forever in photographs and memories. Demand grew as more and more people learned about her fabulous cakes, prompting the launch of the Sweet Thea Cake Company in 2006.

Everything we produce is the best product possible, made only with raw ingredients. There are no shortcuts in our bakery ; everything is done right. Every detail is important – the look, the smell, the flavor, the crumb, the mouth feel – are all considered when preparing an item. The eating experience is essential and we like to keep our eaters happy.” – Chef Thea

Products: Bread, Croissants, Tarts, Hand Pies, Cookies, and seasonal treats

Contact Name: Laurie Mercer

Website: www.sweetthea.com

Phone: 604-533-3603

Email: laurie@sweetthea.com

From: Langley