About: Our Organic farm has been planted with farmers markets in mind. We have many varieties of each fruit listed to elongate their season. We start the season with cherries and then apricots soon plums start with many varieties to enjoy deep into the fall, peaches are a delight, as are pears and apples & quince, Along with our amazing fruit we have and addiction to trying new things in the garden we have a rainbow of tomatoes, & peppers eggplant & herbs with lots of onions and garlic planted this year. If you are lucky you might get a chance to try our berries as well, we are growing currents, goose, seabuckthorn, and even experimenting with Goji berries .

Contact Name: Lauren Sellars

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Snowymtnorganics/#

Phone: 250-499-5715

Email: snowymtnfarm@gmail.com

From: Cawston