Simply Delish Soup and Salad Co. is a BC family based company located in Langley BC. We are new to the food industry, starting in the spring of 2010. My name is Paulette Hawkings, and I love to cook for my family and friends.

Family mealtime should be a special time, time to share our day and connect….but in todays busy world, meal time is around the computer, in front of the TV, anywhere but at the table. Then clean-up time consumes much of the evening. With most parents working full time, children in music, dance and sports, healthy meal planning can be a dauunting task. It has become easier to buy already prepared foods at the Supermarket, usually high in sodium and preservatives, than prepare a healthy meal from scratch.

TIME is a big factor….. therefore we have put together a selection of soups, salads and side dishes that are visually attractive as well as delicious, healthy and very easy to prepare. All our soups are crock pot friendly and some of them are designed specifically for the crock pot. 5 minute preparation time….go to work or play…return and your dinner is ready:) Aside from enjoying them in your own home, they make lovely hostess gifts, door prizes and fundraisers. All our products are MSG free.

Products: Artisan salads, side dishes, and soups, gluten free soups and salads, quinoa breakfast cereals, and vegeraian soulds and salads.

Contact Name: Paulette Hawkings



From: Langley