We are predominately a niche deli-type production that falls into specialty baking and specialized processing categories. We make seitan meats (these are steamed, baked, roasted, portioned, and packaged) nut pates (cheez that is made from a nut and dried veg base) desserts, and from-scratch classic foods (such as chilli, curry, and soup) from quality ingredients and mostly local produce.

Our food items each have an individual process that was crafted originally from trials for a secret supper club and for private cooking functions over a long period of time. We use thousands of years old practices with veggie meats that are originally rooted in religious cultures, but with modern facility and equipment, our practices are centered in modern culinary techniques and compassion. We strive to provide nutrient dense, animal-less foods  acceptable to a wide range of individuals!

Our nerdy, long-time vegan obsessive and brilliant team have expertly crafted a variety of  ready-to-eat and thaw, heat-and-eat-foods that are meat-like, cheese-like, decadent, and nutritious. We make plant based meatz, cheezez, desserts, soups, stews and other convenient items that anyone plant-based or not will appreciate and enjoy!


Products: Plant-based meats, cheeses, desserts, soups, stews & other items.

Contact Name: David Isbister

Website: www.plantbasefood.com

Phone: 604-349-9957

E-mail: plantbasefood@gmail.com

From: Vancouver, BC