Lyle and Melissa Litzenberger are excited to now make available to the public, the 457-page, hardcover Volume One of Lyle’s local history book, two-volume set, “Burke and Widgeon – A History”.  A decade in the making, “Burke and Widgeon – A History (Volume One)” is a long-awaited investigative work that meticulously chronicles the historic beginnings of Northeast Coquitlam’s Burke Mountain and, beyond its slopes, the Widgeon Valley.  “Volume One – The Beginnings” brings to life Northeast Coquitlam’s earliest stories, from the era dominated by the Katzie and Kwikwetlam First Nations, to the establishment of the first homesteads in Northeast Coquitlam and Silver (Widgeon) Valley and finally to the enterprises that would shape Coquitlam’s future – the early rock quarries, the water and power projects emanating from nearby Coquitlam Lake and the timber kings who arrived to dominate the scene during the first decades of the twentieth century.  Their stories are enriched by rare, never-seen-before photographs and from first-hand reminisces of early residents and their kin.  For anyone with an interest in local history, this is a must read!

With Volume One hot off the printing press as of May 24th, 2019, Lyle will then be focusing his attention towards writing the follow-up volume – “Burke and Widgeon – A History (Volume Two)” – which will complete the story of Northeast Coquitlam’s history.  That book’s first section, “Early Growth”, will relate the stories of dozens of Burke Mountain homesteaders, living on that mountain’s slopes during the 1920s and beyond.  Also told will be the saga of the continued logging operations, both on the mountain and on the slopes bordering Widgeon Valley.  Stories of later arrivals, who established homes on Burke Mountain and in the Widgeon Valley, will also be chronicled.  Volume Two’s “Changing Times”, following the “Early Growth” section, continues Burke Mountain’s saga beyond the 1940s and 1950s, including the end to logging on the mountain, the struggles to establish a ski resort and village and, finally, the populist efforts to permanently preserve Burke and Widgeon for future generations.  Volume Two, when paired with the already available Volume One, will truly become a treasured record of our local Coquitlam history.

Lyle’s previous, very popular hiking guidebook, “Burke and Widgeon – A Hiker’s Guide” will continue to be offered to those who have not yet purchased their copy.  This 258-page, paperback colour guidebook features numerous maps, elevation profiles, photographs, GPS waypoint charts and very detailed trail descriptions for twenty-eight hikes on Burke Mountain and the Widgeon.  Those hikes, also summarized in an easy-to-read overview chart, vary in difficulty levels from easy walks for the novice up to difficult multi-day excursions that will challenge even the experienced hiker.  This book helps ensure that all those who wish to explore Burke and Widgeon’s scenery can easily find its gems and do so in an informed and safe way.  It is a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts!

Both books that are being offered for sale at Coquitlam Farmers Market, “Burke and Widgeon – A Hiker’s Guide” and “Burke and WIdgeon – A History (Volume One)”, have been researched, written and self-published solely by the author, Lyle Litzenberger, a long-time resident of the Burke Mountain area in Northeast Coquitlam.  These books are not available for sale at any “Big Box” book stores; only via direct sales by the author or from (anticipated) sales at the Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam Farmers Markets.  No other Farmers Markets are planned.  The only exception to this statement is Lyle and Melissa’s support of a small, local, independant Port Coquitlam book store, Western Sky Books, which will be the only retail store allowed to sell this book.  “Stay small and stay local” is our firmly held belief and will remain our marketing strategy.

Products: Burke and Widgeon – books that chronicle the history of Burke Mountain and the Widgeon Valley, and additionally a hiker’s guide.

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