Here at Fire Belly, we think you should be able to enjoy all the saucy goodness you want without feeling guilty. That’s why our products are made with farm fresh ingredients that get into the pouch faster than a Fire Belly Toad eats its breakfast. Our sauces are all gluten-free, too – a healthy alternative to the sugary sauces and condiments you usually find on store shelves.

During a 20-year career as a horse jockey, Larry Lacoursiere always focused on healthy eating. He acquired a taste for spicy foods while travelling internationally for competitions and riding with Spanish jockeys. Larry’s passion for tasty, nourishing food and affinity for spicy cuisine inspired the flavours of Fire Belly Sauce that you can buy today.

Larry uses fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Fire Belly Sauce isn’t meant to overpower your food, but enhance it – so while our flavours won’t send you running to the drinking fountain, they will make your meals taste amazing. Our products are packaged in resealable pouches – you can take them camping or to your neighborhood BBQ and you never have to worry about a spill. And because we don’t use any glass packaging, your Fire Belly Sauce is safe to have around your little ones at the dinner table. The non-transparent package lets in zero sunlight, making our products last longer on the shelf and in your fridge. And of course, they’re BPA-free.

Our awesome sauces sometimes travel pretty far to get to your kitchen. We know that’s not great for the environment, so we made our packaging lighter, with less material. Reducing the weight means we can ship more products with less waste – leaving you with that much more of the stuff you really want, at a price you can swallow, too.

Products: All natural no preservatives and gluten free hot sauce with a mild to medium heat.

Contact Name: Larry Lacoursiere


Phone: 604-200-2545


From: Coquitlam