About Us: Our treats are made with 100% wholesome natural ingredients. Our mission is to help you feel confident about what you share with your furry friends. We also strive to support our community. Learn more about what we do on our website


Low Sodium Sardine Treats for dogs and cats:

Our dried sardines go through a sodium extraction process being levels down to 0.1%. Did you know that just 1 regular dried sardine can exceed the recommended sodium intake for your dog or cat? 

Sweet Potato Dental Treats for dogs:

Our sweet potato dental treats are super dense and hard. They are softer than dog’s teeth which makes it a great alternative to bones and antlers that are notorious for damaging teeth.Read more about the benefits here.

Beef Bone Broth for dogs and cats:

Bone broth is a great way to nourish and hydrate your dog. It has lots of vitamins and minerals, helps with food sensitivities, supports our pet’s joints, and even their immune system!

Contact Us: 

Contact Name: Kevin Lee

Website: www.earthpaws.ca

Email:  hello@earthpaws.ca

From: Burnaby, BC.