At our Honey Farm, we pride ourselves in selling raw, natural, unpasteurized honey–it’s the way nature intended. We farm using organic practices on Non-GMO crops. Dr. Tabari (Founder of BCB HONEY FARM) uses a cold-extraction method that allows the honey to retain its full benefits:Production vitamins, antioxidants, pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

To help maintain the local economy and produce the best honey, we solely believe in only producing honey and keeping our bees in British Columbia, Canada. What first started as a project of only 50 hives has burst into a full-scale commercial honey production of over 1000 hives. Every winter, without the use of chemicals, varroe mite disease, and harsh conditions, we lose on average 20-40% of our bees. This, however is often recouped in the summer. With summer in full bloom, each hive can grow to a size of around 60,000 bees. At our peak time, we keep close to 60 Million Bees. With the continued support of our local community, we aim to keep more bees and pollinate more crops.

Contact Name: Delyar Rahmdel


Phone Number: 604-727-6045


From: Surrey