Virtual POP Club: Week 7 Eggs

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This week we’re learning all about EGGS! Check out this video from Farmer Kendall who’s teaching us some fun facts about eggs.

She’s also answering more of your questions about eggs:

What causes egg yolks to be different colours?

It all depends on what the hen is eating. Typically a diet that is wheat based causes a pale yellow yolk and a diet rich in corn or a bird that is pasture raised and eats grass have a darker yellow almost orange yolk.

What makes some egg shells thicker or thinner than others?

It’s all based on how much calcium the hen has in her diet as well as her age. Typically older hens lay eggs that while bigger also have thinner shells.

How many eggs does a hen lay?

A hen will naturally lay almost an egg a day. Some hens lay less based on things like breed, how much light they get, as well as the temperature they’re in.

If you want to learn more about eggs, check out these printable work books by Canadian Egg Farmers.

Grade 1-3 Egg Workbook

Grade 4-6 Egg Workbook

Parts Of An Egg

Be sure to tag us on social media in any photos of you taking part in our Virtual Pop Club, there might just be some prizes in it for some lucky winners!

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