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When did you start baking? What was your inspiration and how did you learn?

I grew up with my mom baking beautiful fresh bread for as long as I can remember! When I think of her, I think of walking into the house to almost melt into the smell of her bread baking, only to walk into the kitchen and see her golden braided loaves begging to have a crusty piece torn off and eaten instantly. I learned a lot from her and to this day she gets her beautiful eggs from farmers and her organic flour from the Okanagan. I started asking for her recipes when I moved to Toronto in 2008 and started missing her fragrant breads. After graduating from nutrition school in 2018, I became very focused on creating foods that are nutrient dense for my kids and family- this included raw power truffles and baked goods, as kids love these and it’s an easy way to get nutrition into them. I believe that bread is such a wonderful staple, and too good to give up if it’s totally nourishing and nutrient dense! My loaves have no sugar, wheat or dairy, fillers or additives, and all local or organic ingredients. They are also totally grain free, which not only makes them anti-inflammation, but nutrient dense. I’m proud to be bringing to the market what I’ve been making for my kids and my family- totally nourishing, decadent goodness!

What is your favourite product?

It’s a hard choice between my Walnut Brownie Power Truffle and my Grain Free Herby Loaf, but I guess I’d have to say I wouldn’t want to live without my Herby Loaf!

What do you like most about selling at farmers markets?

My favourite thing about the Framer’s Market is hands down the people! I meet so many humble and inspiring people, who are connected to the planet and their health. Hearing their stories is my highlight and it teaches and inspires me every market!! We are all so unique and have our story, but I feel that now more than ever we need good food to thrive. For me, it’s an honour to bring truly healthy deliciousness to someone’s life- this is what truly lights my fire!!

Why is supporting local important to you?

It’s hugely important to me to support local as I grew up witnessing a local economy thrive beautifully during my childhood in Suceava, Romania! By supporting the local economy, you are not only providing a livelihood to families and small business owners, but also bettering your health and the health of our planet! Shopping at the farmer’s market usually means that you are getting hand-crafted goodness, which, being seasonal and local, is also more nutritious and sustainable, with less of an eco-footprint on our planet! Small business owners such as myself also care greatly about people, reducing plastic usage and waste, ethical, quality sourcing, nutrient-density and other eco-minded and crucial matters. You vote with your dollar, and it’s these kind of choices that ultimately have a rippling positive effect, both locally and globally!


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