Why Are Cloth Bags Better Than Plastic Bags?

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There are many reasons why we should switch to cloth bags rather than using plastic bags. The negative environmental impact alone that plastic causes is reason enough. Everyday, almost 8 million pieces of plastic enter our oceans. The current movement about saving the turtles by banning plastic straws has caught traction. Now we need to continue doing our part by stopping the use of plastic bags as well. Grocery stores have begun charging for plastic bags or offering a paper equivalent, in an attempt to reduce the use of plastic. I find that the best option is to bring in your own cloth bag. I know it can be difficult to remember to bring your bags when you go grocery shopping. I struggle with this myself. But, I feel there needs to be a shift in consciousness and we need to become more aware of our actions. I’ve been told by an employee at Safeway that they are soon going to remove all plastic bags from their stores. That means we’ll be forced to use the paper bags provided or bring in our own cloth totes.

Why are cloth bags better?

Bringing in your own cloth tote bags can make all the difference. Cloth bags are more durable, are usually bigger so they can hold more, and you get more use out of them. Plastic bags may rip apart before you even bring your groceries through the front door and then they either get stored away never to be used again or thrown away in the garbage. This is where the negative environmental impact comes into play again. Plastic bags in landfills take forever to decompose; it can take up to 1,000 years! Whereas using organic bags made from materials such as cotton or hemp, not only do we keep these for longer, when we are done with them, they decompose at a much quicker rate. This leaves behind a much smaller footprint.

What can you do to help?

If it wasn’t evident already, the best thing you can do to help is: ditch the plastic bags! Start bringing in your own cloth tote bags wherever you go. The best thing about cloth bags are that you can use them for just about anything! Carry your books in them, take it to the beach, and of course, use them for your groceries. They can be stylish too. Grab ones with inspirational quotes on them, images that resonate with you, brands that you love or companies that you admire. Maybe grab one from your local farmers market to show your support, such as one from the Port Moody Farmers Market! You can even customize design your own!

This Sunday at the POP tent, we’ll be doing just that! We will be taking old t-shirts and teaching kids how to create their own custom cloth tote bags. Bring in a shirt with their favourite characters or designs on them to make a bag that is personalized just for them!

Hope to see you there!

If you haven’t yet registered for the program, make sure you visit the POP tent to get started!

Learn more about the program here: POP Kids Club

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