Week 9 – July 30

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Do you know how long it takes for your favourite vegetable to grow? How about what kind of growing conditions it likes? Come to the market this Sunday to find out about your favourite vegetable from our knowledgeable farmers! First, stop by the POP tent to pick up a veggie school worksheet, then head out into the market to get researching.

Two Bite Club

Last week’s Two Bite tasting, beets, had a 62% approval rating. Not bad! For all of those out there who weren’t a fan of the raw beets, we hope you’ll give this healthy vegetable another try when it’s cooked! This week’s Two Bite tasting will be Tomatoes. If you like tomatoes, you will definitely tomato pie! Here’s a recipe for this refreshing, summery dish.

Don’t forget to turn in your passport after you’ve recorded your activities so that you can receive your $3 token, which can be spent on any fruit or vegetable at the market.

The POP Club is a free children’s activity for kids ages 5-12 that runs every Sunday from 9-1. Stop by the POP tent anytime to participate. Newcomers are always welcome! Be sure to request a passport if you don’t already have one.

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